Incendiary Blonde

Release Date:
Aug 31, 1945
Running Time:
George Marshall
Betty Hutton Texas Guinan
Arturo de Córdova Bill Romero Kilgannon
Charles Ruggles Cherokee Jim
Albert Dekker Joe Cadden
Barry Fitzgerald Michael ``Mike'' Guinan
Mary Philips Bessie Guinan
Bill Goodwin Tim Callahan
Maurice Rocco Waiter / Pianist

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Incendiary Blonde

In 1909, lively Texas Guinan attends a Wild West show and, dressing like a man, enters a bucking bronco contest and wins. Impressed by her audacity, the show's manager, Bill, hires her. In order to help support her family, Texas joins the rodeo and thrills the audience with her daredevil act. Texas and Bill soon fall in love, but Bill refuses to marry her, so Texas leaves the show for the bright lights of Broadway -- not realizing that Bill hides a secret.

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