In Search of a Midnight Kiss

Release Date:
Aug 1, 2008
Running Time:
Romantic Comedy
Alex Holdridge
Scoot McNairy Wilson
Sara Simmonds Vivian
Brian Matthew McGuire Jacob
Katie Luong Min
Bret Roberts Bui
Twink Caplan Wilson's Mother
Robert Murphy Jack
Seth Caplan , Scoot McNairy , Anne Walker-McBay
Alex Holdridge
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In Search of a Midnight Kiss

Following the worst 12 months of his life, a 29-year-old man ends up alone and penniless as New Year's Eve rapidly approaches, and vows to lock his doors, pull his blinds, and climb into bed - until his best friend talks him into posting a Craigslist personal ad. In seemingly no time at all, the message leads him to a young woman who is determined to be with the ``right'' man at the stroke of midnight.

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