In Old California

Release Date:
May 31, 1942
Running Time:
William McGann
John Wayne Tom Craig
Binnie Barnes Lacey Miller
Albert Dekker Britt Dawson
Helen Parrish Ellen Sanfordf
Patsy Kelly Helga
Edgar Kennedy Kegs McKeever
Dick Purcell Joe Dawson
Harry Shannon Mr. Carlin
Charles Halton Mr. Hayes
Emmett Lynn Whitey
Bob McKenzie Mr. Bates
Milt Kibbee Ezra Tompkins
Paul Sutton Chick
Anne O'Neal Mrs. Tompkins
Minerva Urecal Mrs. Carson (uncredited)
Robert Homans Marshal Alvin Thompson (uncredited)
Robert North
Gertrude Purcell, Frances Hyland

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In Old California

Tom Craig is just a modest pharmacist in gold-rush-era California until he discovers saloon owner Britt Dawson is getting rich by forcing the local ranchers to pay protection money. Not one to stand for injustice, Craig rallies the ranchers and attempts to overthrow Dawson's rule. To turn the mob against Craig, Dawson poisons one of Craig's patients and frames the pharmacist, but when illness breaks out, Craig is the only one who can help.

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