Entre la Vida y la Muerte

Release Date:
Apr 24, 1998
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Zalman King
Shane Dorian Shane Daniels
Matt George Mickey McCormack
Matty Liu Keoni Jones
Shaun Thompson Wyatt
Maylin Pultar Serena
Bret Michaels Philips
Brion James Captain
Brian L. Keaulana Brian Keaulana
Darrick Doerner Darrick Doerner
Peter Cabrinhaa Pete Cabrinhaa
Rush Randle Rush Randle
Mike Stewart Mike Stewart
Zalman King , Essy Niknejad , Aladdin Pojhan , David Saunders , Nicolas Stern , Tom Stern
Zalman King, Matt George

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Entre la Vida y la Muerte

Three friends -- Shane, Keoni and Mickey -- are professional surfers who travel the world, searching for the perfect wave. They begin in the South Seas with Madagascar, and then head over to Bali and Hawaii. Along the way, they have a wonderful time, meeting women and enjoying life -- but they also experience tragedy when one of their friends dies in a surfing accident. Still, that doesn't deter them from the thrill of riding the waves.

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