Una Luz en la Oscuridad

Release Date:
Feb 10, 2012
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Agnieszka Holland
Robert Wieckiewicz Leopold Socha
Benno Fürmann Mundek Margulies
Agnieszka Grochowska Klara Keller
Maria Schrader Pauline Chiger
Herbert Knaup Ignacy Chiger
Kinga Preis Wanda Socha
Krzysztof Skonieczny Szczepek
Marcin Bosak Yanek Weiss
Julia Kijowska Chaja
Jerzy Walczak Jacob Berestycki
Oliwier Stanczak Pawel Chiger
Milla Bankowicz Krystyna Chiger
Olek Mincer Szlomo Landsberg
Michal Zurawski Bortnik
Steffen Reuter , Patrick Knippel , Marc-Daniel Dichant , Leander Carell , Juliusz Machulski , Paul Stephens , Eric Jordan , Wojciech Danowski , David F. Shamoon , Dr. Carl Woebcken , Christoph Fisser , Anna Maria Zündel
David F. Shamoon
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Una Luz en la Oscuridad

Leopold Socha is a sewer worker in Nazi-occupied Lvov, Poland. When he finds a group of Jews hiding in the sewers, Leopold agrees to protect them from the Nazis in exchange for money, even though it could mean his death if they are found. Though he is solely motivated by cash at first, their experiences lead Leopold to adopt a different view of the people under his protection. When catastrophe strikes, Leopold is forced into a final act of courage.

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