In a Lonely Place

Release Date:
May 17, 1950
Running Time:
Nicholas Ray
Humphrey Bogart Dixon Steele
Gloria Grahame Laurel Gray
Frank Lovejoy Det. Sgt. Brub Nicolai
Carl Benton Reid Capt. Lochner
Art Smith Mel Lippman
Jeff Donnell Sylvia Nicolai
Martha Stewart Mildred Atkinson
Robert Warwick Charlie Waterman
Morris Ankrum Lloyd Barnes
William Ching Ted Barton
Steven Geray Paul
Hadda Brooks Singer
Alix Talton Fran Randolph (uncredited)
Jack Reynolds Henry Kesler (uncredited)
Ruth Warren Effie, Cleaning Lady (uncredited)
Ruth Gillette Martha, Masseuse (uncredited)
Guy Beach Mr. Swan (uncredited)
Lewis Howard Junior (uncredited)
Michael Romanoff Prince Romanoff (uncredited)
Arno Frey Joe (uncredited)
Pat Barton 2nd Hatcheck Girl (uncredited)
Cosmo Sardo Bartender (uncredited)
Don Hamin John Mason (uncredited)
George Davis Waiter (uncredited)
Billy Gray Young Boy seeking autograph (uncredited)
Melinda Erickson Tough Girl (uncredited)
Jack Jahries Officer (uncredited)
David Bond Dr. Richards (uncredited)
Myron Healey Post Office Clerk (uncredited)
Robert Lowell Airline Clerk (uncredited)
Dorothy B. Hughes, Edmund H. North, Andrew Solt

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In a Lonely Place

Hollywood screenwriter Dixon Steele and his neighbor Laurel are just getting to know each other romantically when the police begin questioning Dixon about his involvement in the murder of a girl he met once. Certain her new love interest is innocent, Laurel stands by Dixon, but as the police continue pressing him, Dixon begins to act increasingly erratically. The blossoming love affair suffers as Laurel begins to wonder if Dixon really might be a killer.

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