No Soy un Ángel

Release Date:
Oct 6, 1933
Running Time:
Wesley Ruggles
Mae West Tira
Cary Grant Jack Clayton
Edward Arnold Big Bill Barton
Gregory Ratoff Benny Pinkowitz (Tira's attorney)
Ralf Harolde Slick Wiley
Kent Taylor Kirk Lawrence
Gertrude Michael Alicia Hatton
Russell Hopton Flea Madigan
Dorothy Peterson Thelma
William B. Davidson Ernest Brown (the chump)
Hattie McDaniel Tira's maid-manicurist (uncredited)
Libby Taylor Libby (Tira's hairdressing maid)
William LeBaron
Mae West

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No Soy un Ángel

Sharp, seductive and emotionally guarded Tira is a lauded and much-adored circus performer. Her newest suitor, a married New York City socialite named Kirk Lawrence, showers her with gifts. Kirk's cousin, Jack Clayton, goes to Tira to try and convince her to end the affair. The two fall for one another, but when love and happiness risk taking Tira from the stage, her boss plots to break off the engagement and shackle her to the circus forever.

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