Ill Met by Moonlight

Night Ambush
Release Date:
Mar 4, 1957
Running Time:
Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Dirk Bogarde Major Patrick Leigh Fermor
Marius Goring Major General Kreipe
David Oxley Captain W. Stanley Moss, M.C.
Cyril Cusack Sandy
Laurence Payne Manoli
Michael Gough Andoni Zoidakis
Brian Worth Stratis Saviolkis
John Cairney Elias

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Ill Met by Moonlight

With Crete controlled by German Gen. Heinrich Kreipe, British Maj. Patrick Leigh Fermor and Capt. W. Stanley Moss launch a raid of the island. The Englishmen, backed by rebel forces who've fought against the occupying troops throughout World War II, ambush a Nazi roadblock and seize Kreipe. Charged with the task of transporting their hostage to a British base in Egypt, Fermor and Moss must elude a host of armed Germans intent on freeing Kreipe.

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