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I'll Be Home for Christmas

Release Date:
Nov 13, 1998
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Arlene Sanford
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jake Wilkinson
Jessica Biel Allie
Adam LaVorgna Eddie
Gary Cole Mr. Wilkinson
Eve Gordon Carolyn
Lauren Maltby Tracey Wilkinson
Andrew Lauer Nolan
Sean O'Bryan Officer Max
Lesley Boone Marjorie
Amzie Strickland Tom Tom Girl Mary
Natalie Barish Tom Tom Girl Darlene
Mark de la Cruz Esteban
Kathleen Freeman Tom Tom Girl Gloria
Jack Kenny Gabby
Celia Kushner Tom Tom Girl Mama
Blair Slater Ian
P.J. Prinslow The Brandt Man
James Sherry The Ken Man
Kevin Hansen The Murph Man
Alexandra Mitchell Little Girl in Hospital
Eric Pospisil Boy at Bus Station
Cathy Weseluck Wendy Richards
Peter Kelamis Conway the Bus Driver
Betty Linde Older Lady on Bus
Awaovieyi Agie Service Man
Brendan Beiser


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