If Winter Comes

Release Date:
Dec 31, 1947
Running Time:
Victor Saville
Walter Pidgeon Mark Sabre
Deborah Kerr Nona Tybar
Angela Lansbury Mabel Sabre
Binnie Barnes Natalie Bagshaw
Janet Leigh Effie Bright
Dame May Whitty Mrs. Perch
Rene Ray Sarah ''Low Jinks''
Virginia Kelley Rebecca ''High Jinks''
Reginald Owen Mr. Fortune
John Abbott Mr. Twyning
Rhys Williams Mr. Bright
Dennis Hoey Tiny Wilson
Hugh French Tony Tyber
Nicholas Joy Mr. Pettigrew
Halliwell Hobbes The Coroner
Hugh Green Freddie Perch
Owen McGiveney Uncle Fouraker
Pandro S. Berman
Marguerite Roberts, Arthur Wimperis

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If Winter Comes

The small English town of Penny Green is swarming with scandal when textbook author Mark, unhappily married to the shrewish Mabel, cultivates a friendship with Effie, a young pregnant girl. As the townsfolk theorize that Mark is the baby's father, Effie -- already troubled because of her impending motherhood -- commits suicide, and circulating rumors lead the authorities to think Mark killed her. The innocent writer must fight to clear his name.

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