Ice Princess

Release Date:
Mar 18, 2005
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Tim Fywell
Joan Cusack Mrs. Carlyle
Kim Cattrall Tina Harwood
Michelle Trachtenberg Casey Carlyle
Hayden Panettiere Gen Harwood
Trevor Blumas Blumas
Connie Ray Nikki's Mom
Kirsten Olson Nikki
Juliana Cannarozzo Zoe
Jocelyn Lai Tiffany
Michelle Kwan Commentator
Brian Boitano Himself
Tyler Gallagher Cool Kid
Michael Kuroiwa Snotty Ice Skater
Pearl Lam Cool Kid #13
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee Tiffany's Dad
Tranh Nguyen Rink Rat
Bridget Johnson , Karen Glass , William W. Wilson III
Meg Cabot, Hadley Davis, Leslie Dixon, Jennifer Konner
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Ice Princess

Casey Carlyle is supposed to go to Harvard, just like her mother . While Casey has the grades to get into her mom's alma mater, what she really wants to do is pursue her passion: figure skating. Both Casey's mom and Gen, the captain of the local team, scoff at the idea of Casey on the ice. But Casey soon finds an unlikely ally, and coach, in Gen's mom, Tina, a former skater trying to live down mistakes from her past.

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