I Was an American Spy

Release Date:
Apr 14, 1951
Running Time:
Historical Drama,War
Lesley Selander
Ann Dvorak Claire
Gene Evans Boone
Douglas Kennedy Phillips
Richard Loo Col. Masamoto
Leon Lontoc Pacio
Chabing Lolita
Philip Ahn Capt. Arito
Marya Marco Fely
Lisa Ferraday Dorothy
Howard Chuman Kamuri
Freddie Revelala Zig Zag
Sam Roeca

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I Was an American Spy

In this fact-based film, Claire Phillips is an American nightclub performer living in Manila, Philippines, who is married to John, a U.S. soldier. When her husband is killed in combat during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, she is convinced by John Boone, a U.S. secret agent, to assist in collecting and transmitting information to aid the the war effort. However, things take a dark turn for Claire when she's captured by Japanese operatives.

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