I Was a Male War Bride

Release Date:
Aug 11, 1949
Running Time:
Howard Hawks
Cary Grant Capt. Henri Rochard
Ann Sheridan Lt. Catherine Gates
Marion Marshall Lt. Kitty Lawrence
Randy Stuart Lt. Eloise Billings
William Neff Capt. Jack Ramsey
Kenneth Tobey Red, Seaman (uncredited)
Sol C. Siegel
Henri Rochard, Charles Lederer, Leonard Spigelgass, Hagar Wilde

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I Was a Male War Bride

Henry Rochard is a captain in the French army who is forced to work with the combative but beautiful U.S. Army Lieutenant Catherine Gates . While on assignment in postwar Germany, Rochard and Gates, who can't stand each other at first, have a series of arguments and zany calamities, but then fall in love and marry. When Gates is ordered to go back to the States, Rochard must find a way to accompany her under the terms of the War Bride Act.

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