No Quiero Decirte Adiós

Release Date:
Dec 23, 1951
Running Time:
Mark Robson
Dana Andrews Martin Greer
Dorothy McGuire Nancy Greer
Farley Granger Jack Greer
Peggy Dow Carrie Turner
Robert Keith Thomas Greer
Mildred Dunnock Sarah Greer
Ray Collins Judge Jonathan Turner
Martin Milner George Kress Jr.
Jim Backus Harvey Landrum
Marjorie Crossland Mrs. Celia Turner
Walter Baldwin George Kress Sr.
Walter Sande Ned Iverson
Peggy Robin
Carol Savage Caroline Krupka
Samuel Goldwyn

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No Quiero Decirte Adiós

Martin Greer, a World War II veteran, is asked by a local businessman to write a letter requesting that his son, George Kress Jr., avoid being drafted into the Korean War and remain working for the family's company. Greer, however, refuses to write a letter on his behalf to the draft board. When his brother, Jack, who should be exempt because of a knee injury, is the next in line to be drafted, Greer is faced with a difficult decision.

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