I Want to Live!

Release Date:
Nov 18, 1958
Running Time:
Robert Wise
Susan Hayward Barbara Graham
Simon Oakland Edward S. ``Ed'' Montgomery
Virginia Vincent Peg
Theodore Bikel Carl G.G. Palmberg
Wesley Lau Henry L. Graham
Philip Coolidge Emmett Perkins
James Philbrook Bruce King
Joe De Santis Al Matthews

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I Want to Live!

This film tells the riveting true story of brazen bad girl Barbara Graham (Susan Hayward, in an Academy Award-winning performance), a perpetual offender who tries to go straight but is sent to death row after being implicated in a murder. When journalist Ed Montgomery, whose initial newspaper articles on Barbara's crime played up her recklessness, becomes convinced that she may be innocent, he begins a desperate campaign to save her from the gas chamber.

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