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I Sell the Dead

Release Date:
Aug 7, 2009
Running Time:
Glenn McQuaid
Dominic Monaghan Arthur
Larry Fessenden Willie Grimes
Angus Scrimm Dr. Vernon Quint
Ron Perlman Father Duffy
Brenda Cooney Fanny
John Speredakos Cornelius Murphy
Eileen Colgan Maisey O'Connell
Joel Marsh Garland Ronnie
Larry Fessenden , Peter Phok
Glenn McQuaid
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I Sell the Dead

Arthur Blake is about to be executed by guillotine for the crime of grave robbing. But before he faces the blade, he agrees to confess to Father Duffy in the hope that the priest might be merciful enough to spare his life. Arthur tells his life story to the priest, which begins with him stealing valuables from the deceased as a youth. But as he relates his battles with zombies, ghosts and other fiendish ghouls, his tale takes a turn for the supernatural.

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2.3 / 5.0
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