I Married a Witch

Release Date:
Oct 30, 1942
Running Time:
Rene Clair
Fredric March Jonathan Wooley/Nathaniel Wooley/Samuel Wooley/Wallace Wooley
Veronica Lake Jennifer
Robert Benchley Dr. Dudley White
Susan Hayward Estelle Masterson
Cecil Kellaway Daniel
Elizabeth Patterson Margaret
Robert Warwick J.B. Masterson
Eily Malyon Tabitha Wooley
Nora Cecil Harriet Wooley
Emory Parnell Allen
Aldrich Bowker Justice of the Peace
Emma Dunn Wife of Justice of the Peace
Preston Sturges , Rene Clair , Buddy G. DeSylva
Robert Pirosh, Marc Connelly

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I Married a Witch

Just as she is about to be burned at the stake for witchcraft, 17th century witch Jennifer casts a curse on the family of her accuser, dooming all the men of future generations to marry the wrong women. Freed from her ethereal prison some 250 years later, Jennifer decides to make the most recent descendant of her accuser even more miserable by using a love potion on him that makes him fall in love with her, a plan that has unexpected results.

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