I Dream Too Much

Release Date:
Nov 29, 1935
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
John Cromwell
Lily Pons Annette Monard
Henry Fonda ``Johnny'' Street
Eric Blore Roger Briggs
Osgood Perkins Paul Darcy
Lucien Littlefield Hubert Dilley
Lucille Ball Gwendolyn Dilley
Mischa Auer Darcy's Pianist
Paul Porcasi Uncle Tito
Scott Beckett Boy on Carousel
Esther Dale Mrs. Dilley (uncredited)
Clarence Wilson The Lawyer (uncredited)
Oscar Apfel Cafe Owner (uncredited)
Ferdinand Munier Carousel Owner (uncredited)
Billy Gilbert Cook at Cafe (uncredited)
Richard Carle Snobbish Critic (uncredited)
Ferdinand Gottschalk Snobbish Critic (uncredited)
Russ Powell Carousel Operator (uncredited)
Al Haskell Wagon Driver (uncredited)
Kirby Grant Violinist (uncredited)
Elise Cavanna Darcy's Secretary (uncredited)
Pandro S. Berman
James Gow, Edmund H. North

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I Dream Too Much

Opera student Annette Monard accidentally meets American composer Jonathan Street, and in a buoyant, alcohol-fueled evening, the couple marries. Sincerely falling in love, Jonathan encourages the talented Annette to sing -- yet when his own attempt at an opera fails, Jonathan lashes out at Annette's success. Despite her husband's jealousy, Annette embarks on a successful career that allows her to secretly fund Jonathan's opera, bringing their marriage to a crisis.

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