I Can Get It for You Wholesale

Release Date:
Apr 5, 1951
Running Time:
Michael Gordon
Susan Hayward Harriet Boyd
Dan Dailey Teddy Sherman
George Sanders J.F. Noble
Sam Jaffe Sam Cooper
Randy Stuart Marge Boyd
Marvin Kaplan Arnold Fisher
Harry von Zell Savage
Barbara Whiting Ellen Cooper
Vicki Cummings Hermione Griggs
Ross Elliott Ray
Richard Lane Kelley
Mary Philips Mrs. Boyd
Sol C. Siegel
Abraham Polonsky

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I Can Get It for You Wholesale

A fashion model with a keen business sense, Harriet Boyd leaves the firm she works for and starts her own dressmaking business. Her drive for success eventually encompasses all aspects of her life. With her take-no-prisoners attitude, she sullies nearly all her personal and professional relationships in her quest for success before realizing that fame and fortune may not be worth giving up everything else in her life -- especially Teddy Sherman, the man she loves.

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