Ich bin Kuba

Release Date:
Mar 8, 1995
Running Time:
Mikhail Kalatozov
Luz María Collazo Maria/Betty
Jean Bouise Jim
Sergio Corrieri Alberto
José Gallardo Pedro
Raul Garcia Enrique
Salvador Wood
Alberto Morgan
Fausto Mirabal
Roberto García York American Activist
Maria M. Diez
Zilia Rodríguez Gloria
Bárbara Domínguez
Isis del Monte
Rosendo Lamadriz

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Ich bin Kuba

A study in contrasts set in and around Havana that explores Cuba's 1959 revolution. A young woman's fascination with the excess of an American-owned casino leads to her downfall in the eyes of her street vendor boyfriend. A tenant farmer revolts the only way he knows how, attacking the land he works. University students gain first-hand knowledge of political upheaval. And, in the hills outside the city, the members of a poor peasant family are patriotically swept up into the burgeoning revolt.

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