I Always Wanted to Be a Saint

Release Date:
May 16, 2003
Running Time:
Geneviève Mersch
Marie Kremer Norah
Thierry Lefevre Jean-Michel
Barbara Roland Elsa
Julien Collard Jérémie
Raphaëlle Blancherie Françoise
Marie Nypels
Camie Boel
Marcia Breia
Agathe Cornez
Laurence De Greef
Alexandra De Sedas
Jeanine Godinas
Janine Horsburgh Prof d'anglais
Stasia Kremer
Claude Waringo , Patrick Quinet
Geneviève Mersch, Philippe Blasband

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I Always Wanted to Be a Saint

A teenage girl, Norah, living with her depressed father, Jean-Michel, in Luxembourg, obsesses over the whereabouts of her missing mother, who left them both when Norah was still a newborn. Norah is a misfit and devotes her energy to helping others and conversing with an imaginary friend. But, when she receives information pertaining to the possible location of her mother, Norah has to seriously think about inviting the woman back into her life.

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