How to Rob a Bank

Release Date:
Feb 6, 2008
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Andrews Jenkins
Nick Stahl Jinx
Erika Christensen Jessica
Gavin Rossdale Simon
Terry Crews Officer DeGepse
David Carradine Nick
Rick Lashbrook , Darby Parker , Arthur Sarkissian , Tim O'Hair , Brent Morris
Andrews Jenkins

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How to Rob a Bank

Young slacker Jason ''Jinx'' Taylor enters a bank to complain about its ATM fees just as Simon and his gunmen enter the bank to rob it. Jinx ends up inside the vault with employee Jessica, besieged by the thieves who are themselves besieged by the police on the street. But, when Jinx is contacted on his cellphone by the mastermind of the heist, Nick, the irate ATM customer sees a way to outwit the robbers, the law and the bank.

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