How Green Was My Valley

Release Date:
Dec 27, 1941
Running Time:
John Ford
Walter Pidgeon Mr. Gruffydd, Village Preacher
Maureen O'Hara Angharad Morgan, Eldest Daughter
Roddy McDowall Huw Morgan, Youngest Son
Donald Crisp Mr. Gwilym Morgan
Anna Lee Bronwyn Morgan, Ivor's Wife
John Loder Ianto Morgan
Sara Allgood Mrs. Beth Morgan
Barry Fitzgerald Cyfartha, Dai Bando's Partner
Patric Knowles Ivor Morgan
Rhys Williams Dai Bondo, ex-boxer
Evan S. Evans Gwilym
Darryl F. Zanuck
Philip Dunne

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How Green Was My Valley

Huw Morgan, the academically inclined youngest son in a proud family of Welsh coal miners, witnesses the tumultuous events of his young life during a period of rapid social change. At the dawn of the 20th century, a miners' strike divides the Morgans: the sons demand improvements, and the father doesn't want to rock the boat. Meanwhile, Huw's eldest sister, Angharad, pines for the new village preacher, Mr. Gruffydd .

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