Horse Feathers

Release Date:
Aug 10, 1932
Running Time:
Norman Z. McLeod
Groucho Marx Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff
Harpo Marx Pinky
Chico Marx Baravelli
Zeppo Marx Frank Wagstaff
Thelma Todd Connie Bailey
David Landau Jennings
Robert Greig Biology Professor
Nat Pendleton MacHardie

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Horse Feathers

The Marx Brothers take on higher education and football in this riotous comedy. The newly minted president of Huxley University, Quincy Adams Wagstaff (Groucho Marx), is getting pressure from his son Frank (Zeppo Marx) to improve the football squad at the school. Frank thinks his father should recruit two professional ball players so Huxley can finally defeat their gridiron rival, Darwin. But when Wagstaff hires the wrong guys, suddenly a pair of bootleggers are wreaking havoc as undergrads.

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