Heaven Can Wait

Release Date:
Jun 28, 1978
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Warren Beatty, Buck Henry
Warren Beatty Joe Pendleton
Julie Christie Betty Logan
Jack Warden Max Corkle
James Mason Mr. Jordan
Dyan Cannon Julia Farnsworth
Charles Grodin Tony Abbott
Buck Henry The Escort
Vincent Gardenia Krim
Joseph Maher Sisk
Hamilton Camp Bentley
Arthur Malet Everett
Stephanie Faracy Corinne
Jeannie Linero Lavinia
Frank Campanella Conway
Dolph Sweet Head coach
R. G. Armstrong General manager
Ed Peck Trainer
John Randolph Former owner
Roger Bowen Newspaperman
Keene Curtis Oppenheim
Hawk Koch , Charles H. Maguire , Warren Beatty
Harry Segall, Elaine May, Warren Beatty, Robert Towne

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Heaven Can Wait

Joe Pendleton, quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, is killed in an auto accident. In the afterlife, Joe discovers that his guardian angel has taken him from his body prematurely, and he is due many more years on earth. Unable to return to his body, Joe assumes the form of greedy multimillionaire industrialist Leo Farnsworth. As Farnsworth, Joe attempts a return to football and falls in love with environmental activist Betty Logan .

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