Heart of Darkness

Release Date:
Mar 13, 1994
Running Time:
Nicolas Roeg
Tim Roth Marlow
John Malkovich Kurtz
Iman Black Beauty
Isaach De Bankolé Mfumu
James Fox Gosse
Morten Faldaas Harlequin
Patrick Ryecart De Griffe
Michael Fitzgerald Harou
Geoffrey Hutchings Delcommune
Peter Vaughan Director
Phoebe Nicholls The Intended
Allan Corduner Verme
Jan TrĂ­ska White Agent
Alan Scarfe Captain Fenard
Michael Cronin Louette
Timothy Bateson Accountant
Stephen Oxley Lawyer
John Savident Company Director
Charles Key Secretary
Ian McDiarmid Doctor
Bhime Souare Bumbu
Robert W. Christiansen , Luc Roeg , James A. Westman , Rick Rosenberg

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Heart of Darkness

In this adaptation of Joseph Conrad's classic novella, Marlow takes a job with a Belgian shipping company to captain a boat along the Congo River in Africa. He has been dispatched to locate Kurtz, a former German general who had previously been one of the company's best suppliers. Lately, however, his actions have been erratic, and his shipments have stopped. As Marlow gets deeper within the jungle, he starts to realize that Kurtz has been completely transformed.

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