He Who Gets Slapped

Release Date:
Nov 2, 1924
Running Time:
Victor Seastrom
Lon Chaney Paul Beaumont, aka HE
Norma Shearer Consuelo
John Gilbert Bezano
Tully Marshall Count Mancini
Marc MacDermott Baron Regnard
Ford Sterling Tricaud
Harvey Clarke Briquet
Paulette Duval Zinida
Ruth King Maria Beaumont
Clyde Cook A Clown
Brandon Hurst A Clown
George Davis A Clown
Louis B. Mayer , Irving Thalberg

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He Who Gets Slapped

After Baron Regnard steals both his greatest invention and his wife, scientist Paul Beaumont loses all self-regard and joins a circus sideshow to become the most famous clown in France, known as ''He Who Gets Slapped'' by other clowns. When Paul falls in love with bareback rider Consuelo, she and her partner, Brazo, mock him. He is heartbroken, but determined to shield Consuelo when Regnard shows sudden romantic interest in her.

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