He Walked by Night

Release Date:
Nov 24, 1948
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Alfred L. Werker
Richard Basehart Roy Martin/Roy Morgan
Scott Brady Sgt. Marty Brennan
Roy Roberts Capt. Breen
Whit Bissell Paul Reeves
Jack Webb Lee
James Cardwell Sgt. Chuck Jones
Robert Bice Detective with Capt. Breen (uncredited)
Reed Hadley Narrator (uncredited)
John McGuire Officer Robert Rawlins (uncredited)
Lyle Latell Sergeant (uncredited)
Robert Kane , Bryan Foy

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He Walked by Night

Roy Morgan is a burglar who listens in to radio police calls, allowing him to stay one step ahead of the cops. After Morgan kills a police officer, Sergeants Brennan and Jones have little success in putting the clues of the case together. But when Jones is wounded in a shoot-out with Morgan, Brennan employs all facets of detective work, including forensics and informants, to find the elusive and clever criminal.

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