Grand Illusion

Release Date:
Sep 12, 1938
Running Time:
Jean Renoir
Pierre Fresnay Capt. de Boieldieu
Erich von Stroheim Capt. von Rauffenstein
Jean Gabin Lt. Maréchal
Marcel Dalio Lt. Rosenthal
Dita Parlo Elsa (farm woman)
Julien Carette Cartier
Gaston Modot The engineer
Georges Peclet The metal worker
Jean Dasté The teacher
Sylvain Itkine Lt. Demolder
Jacques Becker English officer (uncredited)
Werner Florian Sgt. Arthur
Albert Pinkovitch , Frank Rollmer

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Grand Illusion

A group of French soldiers, including the patrician Captain de Boeldieu and the working-class Lieutenant Maréchal, grapple with their own class differences after being captured and held in a World War I German prison camp. When the men are transferred to a high-security fortress, they must concoct a plan to escape beneath the watchful eye of aristocratic German officer von Rauffenstein, who has formed an unexpected bond with de Boeldieu.

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