Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Release Date:
Jul 28, 1939
Running Time:
Sam Wood
Robert Donat Mr. Chips
Greer Garson Katherine
Terry Kilburn John Colley/Peter Colley I/Peter Colley II/Peter Colley III
John Mills Peter Colley
Paul Von Hernried Staefel
Judith Furse Flora
Lyn Harding Wetherby
Milton Rosmer Chatteris
Frederick Leister Marsham
Louise Hampton Mrs. Wickett
Austin Trevor Ralston
David Tree Jackson
Edmond Breon Colonel Morgan
Guy Middleton McCulloch (uncredited)
Nigel Stock John Forrester (uncredited)
Scott Sunderland Sir John Colley
Victor Saville
R.C. Sherriff, Claudine West, Eric Maschwitz

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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Young schoolteacher Charles Edward Chipping imposes strict discipline on his young charges at a Victorian-era English public school, becoming a fearsome presence on the campus grounds. But the love of spirited young suffragette Katherine Ellis brings the Latin instructor out of his shell and makes him a beloved campus institution into the 20th century and through the shattering violence of World War I. The film is based on the best-selling novel by James Hilton.

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