God Is My Co-Pilot

Release Date:
Feb 21, 1945
Running Time:
Robert Florey
Dennis Morgan Col. Robert Lee Scott/Narrator
Dane Clark Johnny Petach, Flying Tiger
Raymond Massey Maj. Gen. Claire L. Chennault
Andrea King Catherine Scott
Alan Hale Big Mike Harrigan, Missionary Priest
John Ridgely Tex Hill, Flying Tiger Squadron Cmdr.
Stanley Ridges Col. Meriam 'Steve' Cooper
Donald Woods
Craig Stevens Ed Rector, Flying Tiger
Warren Douglas Bob Neale, Flying Tiger
Stephen Richards Sgt. Baldridge
Minor Watson Col. Caleb V. Haynes
Richard Loo Tokyo Joe, Japanese Ace
Murray Alper Sgt. Altonen (uncredited)
Bernie Sell Gil Bright (uncredited)
Joel Allen Lt. Doug Sharpe (uncredited)
Robert Buckner
William Faulkner, Abem Finkel, Peter Milne, Robert Lee Scott Jr.

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God Is My Co-Pilot

Col. Robert L. Scott is an adept fighter pilot who unfortunately finds himself too old to fly fighter planes in World War II. Assigned to India, he later meets Maj. Gen. Claire L. Chennault, who commands the famous ``Flying Tigers'' squadron in China. Chennault finally allows Scott to learn combat flying techniques on an obsolete training plane. Scott is so good that Chennault gives him his wish -- he will fly combat missions with the Tigers.

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