Go for Broke!

Release Date:
May 24, 1951
Running Time:
Robert Pirosh
Van Johnson Lt. Michael Grayson
Gianna Maria Canale Rosina
Warner Anderson Col. Charles W. Pence
Lane Nakano Sam
Henry Nakamura Tommy
George Miki Chick
Henry Oyasato Sgt. Takashi Ohhara
Don Haggerty Sgt. Wilson I. Culley
Dan Riss Capt. Solari
Dore Schary

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Go for Broke!

During World War II, Lt. Michael Grayson is a newly commissioned American Army officer who looks forward to being assigned to the 36th Texas Division. Instead, he is put in charge of Japanese-American soldiers, who form the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Grayson is bigoted and uneasy about the assignment, but when the unit goes into combat in Italy, he admires their courage and determination. The 442nd eventually becomes the most decorated unit in the U.S. Army.

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