Girls on Probation

Release Date:
Oct 22, 1938
Running Time:
Crime Drama
William McGann
Jane Bryan Connie Heath
Ronald Reagan Neil Dillon
Anthony Averill Tony Rand
Sheila Bromley Hilda Engstrom
Henry O'Neill Judge
Elisabeth Risdon Kate Heath
Sig Rumann Roger Heath
Dorothy Peterson Jane Lennox
Susan Hayward Gloria Adams
Larry Williams Terry Mason
Jim Nolan Dave Warren
Esther Dale Nrs, Engstrom (uncredited)
Arthur Hoyt Mr. Engstrom
Lenita Lane Inmate Marge (uncredited)
Peggy Shannon Inmate Ruth (uncredited)
Janet Shaw Prison Inmate
Kate Drain Lawson Mrs. Campbell
Brenda Fowler Miss Kenney
Joseph Crehan Todd
Bryan Foy , Hal B. Wallis , Jack L. Warner
Crane Wilbur

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Girls on Probation

For such an innocent woman, Connie sure does get into trouble a lot. She gets fired from her job at a laundry company when her bad-girl co-worker, Hilda, steals a dress to wear to a party they're both attending. Connie faces legal problems, but her lawyer, Neil, gets her a fair deal. Then Connie moves away, but trouble finds her again -- she's involved in a bank robbery orchestrated by Hilda and her boyfriend, Tony .

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