Gentleman Jim

Release Date:
Nov 14, 1942
Running Time:
Raoul Walsh
Errol Flynn James J. Corbett
Alexis Smith Victoria Ware
Jack Carson Walter Lowrie
Alan Hale Pat Corbett
John Loder Carlton De Witt
William Frawley Billy Delaney
Minor Watson Buck Ware
Ward Bond John L. Sullivan
Madeleine LeBeau Anna Held
Rhys Williams Harry Watson
Arthur Shields Father Burke
Dorothy Vaughan Ma Corbett
James Flavin George Corbett
Pat Flaherty Harry Corbett
Wallis Clark Judge Geary
Robert Buckner
Vincent Lawrence, Horace McCoy

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Gentleman Jim

Jim Corbett is a bare-knuckles boxer, who is determined to rise above his station. Jim and his friend, Walter Lowrie are befriended by Vicki Ware, whose father, Buck Ware runs the elegant Olympic Boxing Club. Ware, impressed by Jim, invites the fighter to become a member. Jim grows as a boxer, but when his boasting estranges him from the club, he sets out to prove himself in a match against boxing's reigning champion.

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