General Della Rovere

Release Date:
Nov 21, 1960
Running Time:
Roberto Rossellini
Vittorio De Sica Victorio Emanuele Bardone/Grimaldi
Hannes Messemer S.S. Colonel Mueller
Sandra Milo Valeria
Vittorio Caprioli Aristide Bianchelli
Guiseppe Rossetti Pietro Valeri
Giovanna Ralli Olga
Anne Vernon Clara Fassio
Baronessa Bazzani Contessa Bianca Maria Della Rovere
Kurt Polter German officer
Kurt Selge Schrantz
Mary Greco Vera
Lucia Modugno Partisan girl
Linda Veras German attendant
Morris Ergas

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General Della Rovere

Grimaldi, a small-time criminal, impersonates an Italian military officer for personal gain, but his charade ends when he is arrested by the Nazis. His captors strike a deal with him: He must pretend to be General della Rovere, a recently assassinated resistance leader, so that he can get information that the Gestapo can use to its advantage. While Grimaldi initially goes along with the scheme, he gradually has a change of heart and embraces a more selfless perspective.

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