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Gangster No. 1

Release Date:
Jun 14, 2002
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Paul McGuigan
Malcolm McDowell Gangster 55
David Thewlis Freddie Mays
Paul Bettany Young Gangster
Saffron Burrows Karen
Kenneth Cranham Tommy
Jamie Foreman Lennie Taylor
Razaaq Adoti Roland
Doug Allen Mad John
Eddie Marsan Eddie Miller
David Kennedy Fat Charlie
Andrew Lincoln Maxie King
Cavan Clerkin Billy
Johnny Harris Derek
Anton Valensi Trevor
Jonathan Cavendish , Norma Heyman , Nicky Kentish Barnes , Ulrich Felsberg , Peter Bowles
Johnny Ferguson

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Gangster No. 1

The time is now. The scene is a ringside table at a boxing match, held at a deluxe London hotel. At the head of the table sits Gangster, the undisputed king of London's gangland. Life couldn't be sweeter, until Gangster learns that Freddie Mays is being released from prison. Freddie Mays, his old boss and mentor, is coming out after doing 30 years for murder. Hearing Freddie Mays' name, even after all these years, stirs up a frightening well of emotions in Gangster...

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