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Full Grown Men

Release Date:
Jun 25, 2008
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
David Munro
Matt McGrath Alby
Judah Friedlander Elias
Alan Cumming Hitchhiker
Amy Sedaris Trina
Jim Fyfe Night Manager
Jerry Grayson Mr. Tinsman
Deborah Harry Beauty
Katie Kreisler Suzanne
Joie Lee Annie
Xandra Castleton , Brian Benson , David Munro , Sheila Ennis , Paul Zaentz
David Munro, Xandra Castleton
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Full Grown Men

Alby doesn't want to grow up. He'd rather spend all his time playing with action figures and eating sugary cereal than being a mature husband and father. When his wife kicks him out of the house, Alby goes to live with his mother and reconnects with his old friend Elias . Together, they embark on a road trip to their favorite childhood amusement park -- and the tragic people they meet along the way make Alby think twice about his life choices.

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