Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump: The IMAX Experience
Release Date:
Jun 23, 1994
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Robert Zemeckis


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Tom Hanks Forrest Gump
Robin Wright Jenny Curran
Gary Sinise Lt. Dan Taylor
Mykelti Williamson Pvt. Benjamin Buford ``Bubba'' Blue
Sally Field Mrs. Gump
Rebecca Williams Nurse at park bench
Michael Conner Humphreys Young Forrest Gump
Harold Herthum Doctor
George Kelly Barber
Bob Penny Crony
John Randall Crony
Sam Anderson Principal
Margo Moorer Louise, Mrs. Gump's housekeeper
Ione M. Telech Elderly Woman
Peter Dobson Elvis Presley
Siobhan J. Fallon Dorothy Harris, school bus driver
Tyler Long Red Headed Boy
Christopher Jones Boy with Cross
Grady Bowman Fat Boy
Jason McGuire Fat Teen
Sonny Shroyer Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant
Brett Rice High school football coach
David Brisbin Newscaster
Kirk Ward Earl, demonstration observer
Mark Matheisen Billy, Jenny's date
Al Harrington Local anchor #1
Don Fischer Army recruiter
Michael Flannery Bus recruit
Kitty K. Green Bubba's great-grandmother
John Worsham Southern gentleman
Afemo Omilami Drill sergeant
Paulie DiCocco Strip club emcee
Mike Jolly Club patron
Michael Kemmerling Club patron
John Voldstad Club patron