Force of Evil

Release Date:
Dec 25, 1948
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Abraham Polonsky
John Garfield Joe Morse
Beatrice Pearson Doris Lowry
Thomas Gomez Leo Morse
Howland Chamberlin Freddie Bauer
Roy Roberts Ben Tucker
Marie Windsor Edna Tucker
Paul McVey Hobe Wheelock
Tim Ryan Johnson (uncredited)
Sid Tomack Two & Two Taylor (uncredited)
Georgia Backus Sylvia Morse (uncredited)
Jan Dennis Mrs. Bauer (uncredited)
Stanley Prager Wally
Paul Frees Elevator operator (uncredited)
Beau Bridges Frankie Tucker (uncredited)
Bob Roberts
Abraham Polonsky, Ira Wolfert

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Force of Evil

In New York City, unscrupulous lawyer Joe Morse, has the opportunity to make it big by teaming up with cutthroat gangster Ben Tucker to consolidate the numbers racket. The only hitch in the plan is Morse's brother, Leo, who refuses to involve his bank in the plan. As a result, Leo's bank would go from being saved to being another casualty in Morse and Tucker's thirst for power. Now, Morse must choose between money and family.

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