Flying Down to Rio

Release Date:
Dec 22, 1933
Running Time:
Thornton Freeland
Dolores del Río Belinha De Rezende
Gene Raymond Roger Bond
Raul Roulien Julio Rubeiro
Ginger Rogers Honey Hale
Fred Astaire Fred Ayres
Blanche Frederici Dona Helena de Rezende
Walter Walker Senor De Rezende
Etta Moten The Carioca Singer
Roy D'Arcy A Greek
Maurice Black A Greek
Armand Kaliz A Greek
Paul Porcasi The Mayor
Reginald Barlow The Banker
Eric Blore The Head Waiter
Franklin Pangborn Hammerstein, the Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Luis Alberni Rio Casino Manager (uncredited)
Merian C. Cooper
Lou Brock, Erwin Gelsey, H. W. Hanemann, Cyril Hume

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Flying Down to Rio

In this 1933 musical romance, choreographer and musician Fred Ayers labors to help his friend and band leader Roger Bond romance gorgeous Brazilian Belinha De Rezende, who is the fiancée of Julio . Along the way, Ayers and singer Honey Hale stage marvelous dance numbers and conspire to make sure the shows go on, including a breathtaking dance number on the exterior of a formation of airplanes flying over the audience.

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