Fighting Man of the Plains

Release Date:
Nov 16, 1949
Running Time:
Edwin L. Marin
Randolph Scott Jim Dancer
Bill Williams Marshal Johnny Tancred
Victor Jory Dave Oldham
Jane Nigh Florence Peel
Douglas Kennedy Prosecutor Kenneth ''Ken'' Vedder
Joan Taylor Evelyn Slocum
Barry Kroeger Detective Clifford ''Cliff'' Bailey (uncredited)
Rhys Williams Justice of the Peace Chandler Leach
Barry Kelley Bert Slocum
James Todd Paul Hobson
Paul Fix Yancey (uncredited)
James Millican Detective George Cummings (uncredited)
Dale Robertson Jesse James
Herbert Rawlinson Kerrigan's Lawyer (uncredited)
J. Farrell MacDonald Joe Partridge
Harry Cheshire Charles Lanyard (uncredited)
James Griffith William Quantrell (uncredited)
Tony Hughes Kerrigan
John Hamilton Judge Lee Currier (uncredited)
John Halloran Harmer (uncredited)
Cliff Clark Harry Travers (uncredited)
Nat Holt
Frank Gruber

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Fighting Man of the Plains

Gunslinger and former Confederate Jim Dancer is on a mission to find his brother's killer but mistakenly shoots the wrong man, leading him to become an outlaw. Later, Dancer takes on the identity of a deceased marshal and comes into conflict with a ruthless band of criminals but receives help from a renowned old war buddy. Dancer also finally gets a chance to face off against his sibling's real murderer, Bert Slocum, in a tense showdown.

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