Ferpect Crime

The Perfect Crime
Release Date:
Aug 19, 2005
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Álex de la Iglesia
Guillermo Toledo Rafael González
Mónica Cervera Lourdes
Luis Varela Don Antonio Fraguas
Enrique Villén Comisario Campoy
Fernando Tejero Alonso
Kira Miró Roxanne

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Ferpect Crime

After Rafael accidentally kills a rival coworker in a department store fitting room where they work, he is blackmailed by the unattractive Lourdes, who witnessed the crime and helped him get rid of the body. Forced to marry her, Rafael lives in constant fear of Lourdes -- both what she will make him do, and whether she will report the crime. Driven to the breaking point, Rafael begins to wonder if knocking off Lourdes might solve his problems.

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