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Femme Fatale

Release Date:
Nov 6, 2002
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Brian De Palma
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Laure/Lily
Antonio Banderas Nicolas Bardo
Peter Coyote Watts
Eriq Ebouaney Black Tie
Édouard Montoute Racine
Thierry Frémont Serra
Gregg Henry Shiff
Fiona Curzon Stanfield Phillips
Eva Darlan Irma
Jean-Marie Frin Louis
Laurence Martin Nathalie
Salvatore Ingoglia Truck Driver
Jo Prestia Napoleon
Bart De Palma Power Room Guard
Sandrine Bonnaire Special Guest Cannes Film Festival
Régis Wargnier Special Guest at Cannes Film Festival
Gilles Jacob Cannes Film Festival Participant
Tarak Ben Ammar , Marina Gefter , Mark Lombardo
Brian De Palma
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Femme Fatale

Laure, a member of a crime ring, lifts an extravagant set of jewels from a model at a red carpet event. But instead of splitting the loot with her partners, Laure flees. While running from the crooks she betrayed, she comes across Lily (also Romijn-Stamos), a woman nearly identical to herself. When Lily kills herself, Laure assumes her identity and starts life anew. But paparazzo Nicolas has been tracking her, and may reveal all her dark secrets.

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