Fear on Trial

Release Date:
Oct 2, 1975
Running Time:
Lamont Johnson
George C. Scott Louis Nizer
William Devane John Henry Faulk
Dorothy Tristan Laura Faulk
William Redfield Stan Hopp
Milt Kogan Herb Steinmann
Allan Miller Gerry Dickler
John Lehne Thomas Bolan
Ben Piazza Harry
John Harkins Vincent Hartnett
John McMartin Tom Murray
Paul Hecht Paul
Lois Nettleton Nan Claybourne
John Houseman Mike Collins
Judd Hirsch Saul
David Susskind Himself
Bruce Geller Judge Abraham N. Geller
Nicholas Pryor Art Beresford
Stanley Chase

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Fear on Trial

This TV movie explores the blacklisting of 1950s talk show host Henry Faulk . After Faulk is fired by CBS in the late '50s, he reluctantly leaves the entertainment industry for low-wage work, told by his lawyer that a court case against CBS could take years to come to trial. Faulk finally gets his day in court nearly a decade later. At the trial, the unpleasant realities of the McCarthy era -- and suffering of its victims -- are brought to light.

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