Fate Is the Hunter

Release Date:
Dec 8, 1964
Running Time:
Ralph Nelson
Glenn Ford Sam C. McBane
Rod Taylor Capt. Jack Savage
Nancy Kwan Sally Fraser
Suzanne Pleshette Martha Webster
Jane Russell Herself
Wally Cox Ralph Bundy
Nehemiah Persoff Ben Sawyer
Mark Stevens Mickey Doolan
Max Showalter Dan Crawford
Howard St. John Mark Hutchins
Robert Wilke Stillman
Bert Freed Charles J. Dillon
Dort Clark Ted Wilson
Mary Wickes Mrs. Llewlyn
Robert F. Simon Proctor
Constance Towers Peg Burke
Dorothy Malone Lisa Bond
Peter Ford Attendant
Harold Goodwin Art Baldwin
Marianna Case D'Arcy
Aaron Rosenberg
Ernest K. Gann, Harold Medford

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Fate Is the Hunter

An airplane has crashed, causing the deaths of 53 people, but who is to blame? It's the job of Sam McBane to find out, especially since the pilot was his good friend, and authorities believe he may have been drunk during the flight. Knowing of the pilot's exemplary World War II record, Sam goes on the search for the true culprit with the aid of the lone survivor, stewardess Martha Webster, and reenacts the events of the accident.

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