Fantastic Voyage

Release Date:
Aug 24, 1966
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Science Fiction
Richard Fleischer
Stephen Boyd Grant
Raquel Welch Cora Peterson
Edmond O'Brien General Carter
Donald Pleasence Dr. Michaels
Arthur O'Connell Colonel Donald Reid
William Redfield Captain Bill Owens
Arthur Kennedy Dr. Peter Duvall
Jean Del Val Jan Benes
Barry Coe Communications Aide
Ken Scott Secret Service
Shelby Grant Nurse
James Brolin Technician
Brendan Fitzgerald Wireless Operator
Saul David
Jay Lewis Bixby, Otto Klement, Harry Kleiner

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Fantastic Voyage

The brilliant scientist Jan Benes develops a way to shrink humans, and other objects, for brief periods of time. Benes, who is working in communist Russia, is transported by the CIA to America, but is attacked en route. In order to save the scientist, who has developed a blood clot in his brain, a team of Americans in a nuclear submarine is shrunk and injected into Benes' body. They have a finite period of time to fix the clot and get out before the miniaturization wears off.

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