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Ever Since the World Ended

Release Date:
Nov 24, 2006
Running Time:
Drama,Science Fiction
Calum Grant, Joshua Atesh Litle
Adam Savage Engineer
Mark Routhier Arsonist
Angie Thieriot Mama Eva
Josiah Clark Woodsman
Jessica Viola Writer
Dan Plumlee Hunter
Linda Noveroske Linda
Ronald Chase Teacher
James Curry James
Brad Olsen Santosh
Simon Thieriot Surfer No. 1
Calum Grant , Joshua Atesh Litle , Kate Montgomery
Calum Grant
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Ever Since the World Ended

Many years after a global plague wipes out nearly all of humanity, two San Francisco filmmakers traverse the city and beyond to interview fellow survivors. The pair document the day-to-day struggle for survival and the underlying battle between two generations: The elders who wish to hang onto the past, and their children, who want to go forward.

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