Esther and the King

Release Date:
Dec 14, 1960
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Raoul Walsh
Joan Collins Esther
Richard Egan King Ahasuerus
Denis O'Dea Mordecai
Sergio Fantoni Haman
Rik Battaglia Simon
Renato Baldini Klydrathes
Gabriele Tinti Samual
Rosalba Neri Keresh
Robert Buchanan Hegai
Daniela Rocca Queen Vashti
Raoul Walsh
Raoul Walsh, Michael Elkins

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Esther and the King

In Persia, King Ahasuerus is in search of a new queen. Simon, an ally of the king, is set to marry Esther, a Jewish woman, but she is taken away as a possible mate for Ahasuerus. Simon is initially furious, but soon discovers that all Jewish people are threatened by the machinations of villainous official Haman . If Esther can make it to the throne without Haman's intervening, the Jews will have royal protection.

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