Employees' Entrance

Release Date:
Jan 20, 1933
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Roy Del Ruth
Warren William Kurt Anderson
Loretta Young Madeleine Walters West
Wallace Ford Martin West
Alice White Polly Dale
Albert Gran Denton Ross
Allen Jenkins Sweeney (store detective) (uncredited)
Marjorie Gateson Mrs. Lee Hickox
Hale Hamilton Commodore Franklin Monroe
Ruth Donnelly Miss Hall
Zita Moulton Marion, Anderson's Receptionist (uncredited)
Frank Reicher Garfinkle
Berton Churchill Mr. Bradford (uncredited)
Charles Sellon Arnold Higgins
Helen Mann Josie, a Salesgirl (uncredited)
Lucien Hubbard
David Boehm, Robert Presnell Sr.

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Employees' Entrance

Manipulative Kurt Anderson, the manager at a department store, treats his employees ruthlessly. He hires Madeline Walters as a model only after sleeping with her, and drives assistant Martin West crazy with his constant demands. When Madeline and Martin fall in love, they secretly marry, hoping to keep it from the boss. However, Anderson's temperament keeps causing stress for the newlyweds, causing early marital strife.

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