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Tudo Acontece em Elizabethtown

Release Date:
Oct 14, 2005
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Romance,Comedy Drama
Cameron Crowe
Orlando Bloom Drew Baylor
Kirsten Dunst Claire Colburn
Susan Sarandon Hollie Baylor
Judy Greer Heather Baylor
Jessica Biel Ellen
Alec Baldwin Phil
Paul Schneider Jessie Baylor
Paula Deen Aunt Dora
Loudon Wainwright Uncle Dale
Bruce McGill Bill Banyon
Jed Rees Chuck Hasboro
Emily Rutherfurd Cindy Hasboro
Sean Nepita Mike Bohannon
Gailard Sartain Charles Dean
Diva Zappa Artsy Girl
Paula Wagner , Tom Cruise , Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe
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Tudo Acontece em Elizabethtown

Aspiring young shoe designer Drew Baylor gets fired from his high-profile job after the failure of his latest project. To make matters worse, his girlfriend, Ellen, leaves him, and he becomes suicidal. Drew's morbid plans are interrupted by the news of his father's death, and he is called back to his Kentucky hometown. On his flight home, he meets the lovely Claire, a sunny flight attendant who tries to help him embrace life once again.

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